Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)
Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)
Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)
Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)
Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)
Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)
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B-Driven Sports

Titanium Arm Sleeve (Pair)


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B-Driven sports Titanium-Tech products are produced with Fir-Skin¨ textiles which are infused with liquid titanium and bio ceramic. This textile combination helps retain and radiate heat Far-infrared rays when combined with natural heat from the body. This becomes the initial kick start for the heating inside the garment and a wide array of medical benefits.

Created with Liquid Titanium & Bio Ceramic

Titanium-Infused garments provide advanced health benefits via products of F.I.R. (Far Infrared Rays)

X-Series Exterior Compression

This neoprene-like outer shell creates comfortable compression levels, while providing an insulated shell that both retains muscle heat, yet breathes excess heat and sweat.

Exterior Water & Windproof

Keeps you comfortable in harsh conditions.

Designed with FIR Skin Textile

Results in soft comfortable titanium-infused inner fabric

The biggest recommendation is to make sure you do not store your sleeves in an enclosed area after use, as prolonged moisture will lead to fabric decay and eventually shorten the longevity of the product. Air dry or wash after each use.