3 Ways Compression Sleeves Helps Promote Good Health

3 Ways Compression Sleeves Helps Promote Good Health - B-Driven Sports

Compression Arm Sleeves


Compression sleeves and socks have been used in medicine for more than fifty years. You may have seen them on patients after surgery to promote circulation. Compression wear isn’t just for the hospital anymore; many studies have shown how effective they can be at preventing injuries and preventing fatigued muscles. Here are a few reasons you should be wearing compression sleeves this fall.


Promotes Circulation

Being athlete is often synonymous with injury. Especially in contact sports like football. Once you’ve been injured this can decrease circulation in the arm, using a compression sleeve can help promote healthy circulation throughout the muscle tissue. It is important to note that a graduated compression sleeve is the most beneficial. With a graduated compression sleeve there is higher pressure near the wrist and lower pressure near the biceps. This allows for freer movement and enables the de-oxygenated blood to circulate back to the heart faster aiding in recovery. The compression sleeve will protect an already injured arm and prevent any further injury.


Protects the Skin

Perhaps the most simple but a notable advantage of compression sleeves is that they are an added layer of protection to your skin. Doesn’t seem so important until you’ve knocked down on the football field or the squeaking sound your skin makes as it’s thrown across a volleyball court diving for a well placed spike. Added bonus: the sleeves help to maintain body temperature.


Prevents the Build- Up of Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid is a chemical that is produced during body movement. The build-up of lactic acid leads to sore and fatigued muscles. By promoting healthy circulation the sleeves reduce the amount of lactic acid that can build up in muscle tissue. Wearing the compression sleeves during games will help prevent muscle fatigue and give you the endurance you need to stay strong until the end. The sleeves allow enough range of motion to throw a football or spike volleyball while simultaneously decreasing muscle movement to help reduce impact. This allows your muscles to stay fresh and reduce recovery time.


Pro Tip: Wear your compression gear for an half an hour or more after the game to help aid recovery. Again, the increased circulation will help to reduce soreness and improve recovery.

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