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    Mystery Bag's contain our extremely popular Pro-Fit Sports Arm Sleeve.

    Choose the size of mystery bag you desire (by the amount of sleeves or price) and we'll pack your bag with a combination of our 100's of colors, designs and patterns.

    The Pro-Fit Sports Arm Sleeve is our compression arm sleeve designed for sports and casual activities that range from football and baseball to golf and bowling, our compression arm sleeves are built to withstand the most strenuous competitive use while still being comfortable for casual daily activities.

    Our compression sleeves improve circulation, reduce recovery time, fight inflammation, and alleviate muscle pain and soreness. They protect your skin against turf burn, scrapes, and the sun’s UV rays with SPF 35 material.

    The densely woven fabric also keeps your arm cool in the heat and warm in the cold while staying lightweight yet durable enough to withstand repeated use and intense activity.