Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
Purple | Sun Sleeve
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Purple | Sun Sleeve


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Purple | UPF 50+ Profit Sun Sleeve Series. A Pro-fit Sun Sleeve for golf, fishing, and other outdoor activity for protection against harmful UV rays. This compression sleeve is designed for casual daily use and strenuous competitive use alike.


  • Improves circulation, endurance, and recovery time
  • Reduces soreness, inflammation, and muscle pain
  • Protects against turf burn, scrapes, and UV rays (SPF 50)

  • Fabric wicks away moisture to keep cool in the heat and insulates to stay warm in the cold
  • Sleeve is lightweight but densely woven to provide all day protection and utility
  • Tough material withstands long periods of intense activity and repetitive use over time

The biggest recommendation is to make sure you do not store your sleeves in an enclosed area after use, as prolonged moisture will lead to fabric decay and eventually shorten the longevity of the product. Air dry or wash after each use.


UPF 50+
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